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The original Depo Pub in Český Krumlov was opened in April 2014. The unique surroundings offer a picturesque view of the renovated château park along the banks of Polečnice Stream, witha fruit orchard and children’s playground. Our everyday goal is to provide our guests with a high standard of services in Czech hospitality a and beer culture. That’s why we place great emphasis on quality in all respects. At the Depo Pub, you will find attentive service with superb tank beer and traditional Czech cuisine.. We look forward to your visit. “Depo Pub – where the fun is“

Depo Pub is owned by hotels & restaurants Krumlov s.r.o., which also successfully operates the hotels Latrán, Leonardo, Krčínův dům and the Jakub Restaurant in Český Krumlov.


The pub has a seating capacity of 130 and a further 100 seats are available outside on the summer terrace.

Gift vouchers

Give your loved ones and friends or business partners an interesting and unusual gift. Order gift vouchers from the Depo Pub, which can be used for unlimited food and drink up to the value of the voucher. You can choose from several gift voucher amounts toprecisely meet your needs. We start at CZK 500.00, and there is no upper limit.



The menu is based solely on traditionally popular dishes of Czech and South Bohemian cuisine. We have chosen the path of simplicity, quality ingredients and the use of modern cooking technologies, which our kitchen is specifically equipped for. Head Chef takes great care in cooperating with local suppliers and selecting their products. Selected dishes naturally go particularly well with beer, so the menu includes, for example, Italian style sausages, brawn, pork belly from our own smokehouse, roast pork hocks and ribs. From among the desserts, our traditional homemade shredded pancakes or potato dumplings with poppy seed are worth a mention. For larger groups, it is possible to order a whole roast piglet. Specialities are also served according to the culinary season.

Appetizers & goodies for beer


HOMEMADE PORK ASPIC with vinegar, onion and bread 1 115,-
OLOMOUCKÉ TVARŮŽKY spicy pickled ripened cheese, bread 1, 7 95,-
PICKLED PORK SAUSAGE with onion, bread 1, 10 85,-
BEEF TARTAR (100g) mixed according to a traditional recipe with egg yolk andfried garlic bread 1, 3, 10 199,-


GRILLED CHEESE HERMELÍN (Camembert style) on butter toast with cranberries and lettuce 1, 7 125,-
FRIED CHICKEN MINI SCHNITZEL in corn crumbs with spicy dip and lamb lettuce 1, 3, 7 155,-
BAKED SAUSAGES on black beer, bread 1 105,-
TRADIONAL PORK SAUSAGE TALIAN with horseradish, gherkin, mustard and bread 1, 10 99,-
BEEF GOULASH served in launch tin with onions and horseradish 1 135,-


SOUTH BOHEMIAN POTATO SOUP with mushrooms 1, 9 60,-


MIXED VEGETABLE SALAD seasoned with balsamico vinaigrette 100g / 200g 70,- / 120,-
ICEBERG LETTUCE with chicken, fried bacon, garlic dressing and croutons 1, 3, 7 195,-

Main courses

Traditional Czech cuisine

ROASTED DUCK LEG with red and white cabbage and variation dumplings 1, 3, 7 289,-
ROASTED PORK BELLY , white cabbage and potato dumplings 1, 3, 7 215,-
BEEF GOULASH of beef neck with horseradish, chili pepper, onion and bread dumplings 1, 3, 7 235,-
BRAISED BEEF with cream sauce, cranberries, whipped cream and Carlsbad dumplings 1, 3, 7, 9 265,-

Meat and fish

ROASTED LOCAL TROUT FILLETS (200G-300G) on herb butter with grilled vegetable 4, 7 289,-
FRIED CARP (200G) in breadcrumbs, light potato salad 1, 3, 4, 7 235,-
CHICKEN BREAST SUPRÉME (200G), stir fried mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and red onion 7 245,-
FRIED CHICKEN BREAST SCHNITZEL (180G) with mixed lettuce salad 1, 3, 7 189,-
ROASTED PORK KNUCKLE with Mustard, Horseradish, Pickled Vegetables and Bread 1, 10 320,-
PORK NECK STEAK (250G) on fried bread with onion, mustard sauce and white cabbage salad 1, 7, 10 285,-
ROASTED PORK RIBS (500G) with garlic dip and pickled vegetable 3, 7 265,-
HOMEMADE BEEF BURGER WITH CHEDDAR (200G), mustard, green leaves and grilled vegetable salsa 1, 3, 7, 10, 11 259,-

Vegetarian dishes

DEEP FRIED CHEESE IN BREADCRUMBS (100G) with homemade tartar sauce 1, 3, 7 165,-
PASTA with tomatoes, basilicum, cheese Gran Moravia 1, 3, 7 195,-
PASTA with garlic, chilli, olive oil and grated cheese Gran Moravia 1, 3, 7 195,-
GNOCCHI in cream sauce with spinach sprinkled with Gran Moravia cheese 1, 3, 7 215,-


French fries 50,-
Mashed potatoes with bacon and onion 50,-
Potato puree 7 50,-
Boiled skinny potatoes 7 50,-
Grilled vegetable 50,-
Dumplings selection 1, 3, 7 50,-


Toasted baguette with her butter 1, 7 35,-
Fresch local bread 1, 7 35,-


Garlic dip 3, 7 30,-
Spicy dip 3, 7 30,-
Tartar sauce 3 30,-
Ketchup 30,-
Mustard dresing 10 30,-


HOMEMADE STRUDEL of the day with whipped cream 1, 3, 7 95,-
BUTTER PANCAKES with blueberry sauce and whipped cream 1, 3, 7 85,-
ICE CREAM or SORBET of the day (2 scoops) 3, 7 70,-

1 – Wheat (grains), 2 - Crustaceans, 3 - Eggs, 4 - Fish, 5 - Peanuts, 6 - Soya, 7 - Milk, 8 – Nuts, 9 – Celery, 10 - Mustard, 11 – Sesame, 12 - Carbon dioxide, 13 – Lupin, 14 - Mollusks

The meals that are taken away from the restaurant are intended for an immediate consumption. Takeaway containers 10,-.

The meals that are taken away from the restaurant are intended for an immediate consumption. Take away containers charge 10, -. The weight of the meat is stated in raw state. The weight of the normal amount of food and side orders are listed in the recipes, which are available for further inspection on request. Dishes suitable for children are marked as well as the numbered allergens. All prices include VAT.


Group offer


Baked South Bohemian Hermelín Cheese with Cranberries on Toast with Herb Butter
Mixed vegetable salad with locally produced blue cheese Niva


Beef broth with liver dumplings and noodles
South Bohemian creamed soup Kulajda with egg and fresh dill
South Bohemian potato soup with mushrooms

Main course

Trout baked on butter and herbs with baked jacket potato and sour cream
Deep fried chicken schnitzel with mashed potatoes
Pork belly roasts with spinach and potato dumplings
Braised beef loin in cream sauce with cranberries and Carlsbad dumplings
Brewery beef goulash with chilli, onion and bread dumplings
Duck Leg Confit with Bacon-flavoured Dumplings and Red Cabbage with Apple (extra 50 CZK / portion)


Fried cheese with boiled potatoes and tartar sauce
Pasta with Garlic, Hot Pepper, Olive Oil and Chives


Fresh fruit salad and lemon sorbet
Butter pancakes with blueberry sauce and whipped cream
Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

Group menu

Group 2 - course menu Standard (10 or more people)
Group 3 - course menu Standard (10 or more people)
Group 4 - course menu Standard (10 or more people)

South Bohemian menu for 4 persons

Mixed vegetable salad with locally produced blue cheese Niva
Crackling Spread with Bread and Onion
½ Roast Duck, 1 pc Knuckle of Pork, 500 g Ribs of Pork, 4 pcs Grilled Home-made Sausages, Selection of Dumplings and Sauerkraut
Cottage Cheese Dumplings with Seasonal Fruit Filling

South Bohemian 4 - course menu

(10 or more people)
Menu for children under the age of 12 – ½ portion and ½ price.
In the case of special diet do not hesitate to contact us.
Each 21st member of the group is free of charge.

Drinks packages

1x glass of Bohemia sparkling wine (15 cl) - welcome drink
1x espresso coffee or tea
1x digestive 2 cl - Becherovka or Fruit brandy or Local Czech rum
1x glass of wine (15 cl) or 1x beer (0.5 l) or 1x non-alcoholic beverage (0.2 l)
2x glass of wine (15 cl) or 2x beer (0.5 l) or 2x non-alcoholic beverage (0.2 l)
3x glass of wine (15 cl) or 3x beer (0.5 l) or 3x non-alcoholic beverage (0.2 l)
Non-alcoholic beverages - mineral water, draft lemonade, fruit juice
White wine – Quality Selection, Morava
Red wine – Quality Selection, Morava

Drinks menu

Tank beer

The greatest attraction for guests and what distinguishes us from the competition is tank beer from Plzeňský Prazdroj. The term “tank” is most easily understood as a stainless steel tank with a volume of five to ten hectolitres. The tank is stored in an insulated room, the so-called tank room, at a temperature of 8-10 °C. In its “bowels”, the tank hides a special disposable airtight polypropylene bag. It is precisely into this that beer is pumped from the brewery tanks. It finds its way to your glass by a mere compression of the bag, so during its transport from the brewery to the table, it does not come into contact with air or other gas. Thanks to this, the beer has just the right "bite" and should be neither too flat nor too carbonated. Beer stored and served in the above manner can be unpasteurised and for this reason has a fuller flavour. Apart from 12° tank lager from Prazdroje, the Depo Pub also has black Kozel from the barrel on draught.

Other drinks and distillery

Apart from beer, we also have fruit flavoured soft drinks from a local manufacturer on draught. We should not forget wine, as we cooperate with the superb wine maker Petr Nejedlík from the Dobrá vinice winery. We have thus managed to obtain first class white and red cuvée exclusively for our establishment. As a “little something extra”, a stylish tasting room has been established in the basement of the pub, where guests can try a wide range of Czech spirits, in particular from South Bohemian producers.

Beer directly from the tank

Pilsner Urquell 12° 0,3l 35,-
Pilsner Urquell 12° "small cut" 0,3l 35,-
Pilsner Urquell 12° "milk pour" 0,2l 33,-
Pilsner Urquell 12° "smooth pour" 0,5l 48,-
Pilsner Urquell 12° "smooth pour" 1l 96,-

Beer from Keg

Kozel dark 0,3l 32,-
Kozel dark - small cut 0,3l 32,-
Kozel dark - milk pour 0,2l 30,-
Kozel dark - smooth pour 0,5l 44,-
Half and half dark/light beer 0,3l / 0,5l 35,- / 48,-
Radegast Birell - non-alc. bottle 0,5l 45,-


„Turek“ turkish style 7g 50,-
Espresso 7g 50,-
Espresso lungo/americano 7g 50,-
Double espresso 14g 80,-
Cappuccino (espresso, milk, milk foam) 7g 60,-
Latte macchiato (espresso, milk, milk foam) 7g 70,-
Viennese coffee (espresso, whipped cream) 7g 70,-
Ice coffee (ice-cream, cream, espresso) 7g 80,-


Lhenice fruit juice 1 dcl – 100% natural Apple / Pear / Strawberry / Cherry 18,-
100% orange juice 1dcl 18,-
Tonic 0,25l 48,-
Draught Cola / Raspberry 1dcl 15,-
Mattoni 0,33l 40,-
Aquila 0,33l 40,-
Carafe 1l still / sparkling 30,- / 70,-
Home-made lemonade by offer 0,3l / 0,5l 60,- / 84,-

Hot Beverages

Assortment of teas 50,-
Hot chocolate 70,-
Hot wine 75,-
Grog (rum and hot water) 60,-
Fresh mint / ginger tea 55,-

White Wine

Glass of wine 0,15l 59,-
Ryzlink Rýnský (Michlovský) 0,75l / 0,15l 380,- / 80,-
Rulandské bílé (Michlovský) 0,75l / 0,15l 420,- / 90,-
Muscat D´Alexandrie, Phant 0,75l / 0,15l 380,- / 80,-
Pálava V.O.C. (Velký Sonberk) 0,75l / 0,15l 590,- / 120,-
Wine spritzer 0,2l / 0,5l 50,- / 96,-

Rosé Wine

Zweigeltrebe (Michlovský) 0,75l / 0,15l 380,- / 80,-
Pinotage Fangalo rosé 0,75l / 0,15l 360,- / 75,-

Red Wine

Glass of wine 59,-
Rulandské modré (Michlovský) 0,75l / 0,15l 360,- / 75,-
Merlot, (Michlovský) 0,75l / 0,15l 390,- / 80,-
Cabernet Sauvignon, Phant 0,75l / 0,15l 390,- / 80,-
Shiraz, Phant 0,75l / 0,15l 390,- / 80,-
Roučí (ST&SP) 0,75l / 0,15l 680,- / 140,-
Houba (wine + cola) 60,-

Sparkling Wine

Bohemia sekt brut 380,-
Bohemia sekt rose demi sec 380,-


Aperol Spritz 125,-
Cuba Libre 115,-
Mojito 135,-
Virgin Mojito 90,-
Bavarian 115,-
Beton 115,-


PEAR STRONG-WATER 0,04l / 0,02l 66,- / 33,-
PLUM STRONG-WATER 0,04l / 0,02l 66,- / 33,-
APRICOT STRONG-WATER 0,04l / 0,02l 66,- / 33,-
CHERRY STRONG-WATER 0,04l / 0,02l 66,- / 33,-
CHERRY STRONG-WATER 0,04l / 0,02l 66,- / 33,-
APPLE STRONG-WATER 0,04l / 0,02l 66,- / 33,-
MIRABELLE PLUM BRANDY 0,04l / 0,02l 66,- / 33,-
Becherovka 0,04l / 0,02l 66,- / 33,-
Becherovka Lemond 0,04l / 0,02l 56,- / 28,-
Fernet Stock Original 0,04l / 0,02l 56,- / 28,-
Fernet Stock Citrus 0,04l / 0,02l 56,- / 28,-
Tuzemský rum 0,04l / 0,02l 50,- / 25,-
Pepermint liker 0,04l / 0,02l 50,- / 25,-
Božkov Gin 0,04l / 0,02l 56,- / 28,-
Vodka 0,04l / 0,02l 50,- / 25,-
Vodka Russian Standard 0,04l / 0,02l 66,- / 33,-
Jelzin 0,04l / 0,02l 44,- / 22,-
Key Rum 0,04l / 0,02l 56,- / 28,-
Jägermeister 0,04l / 0,02l 72,- / 36,-
Tequila Sauza 0,04l / 0,02l 72,- / 36,-
Metaxa 5* 0,04l / 0,02l 72,- / 36,-
Jameson 0,04l / 0,02l 72,- / 36,-
Tullamore Dew 0,04l / 0,02l 72,- / 36,-
Jack Daniels 0,04l / 0,02l 86,- / 43,-
Baron Hildprand 0,04l / 0,02l 86,- / 43,-
Remy Martin V.S.O.P. 0,04l / 0,02l 96,- / 48,-
Zacapa 23yo 0,04l / 0,02l 156,- / 78,-

“A further selection of Czech spirits in the tasting room of our distillery”

Private function rooms

The Depo Pub also has two separate function rooms located on the 1st floor, which offer modern technical equipment and variable furniture. The rooms are suitable for holding conferences, seminars, training sessions or private meetings, as well as celebrations including smaller wedding receptions.


Just like every true pub, as well as catering services, we also offer accommodation services. We offer accommodation all year round in stylishly furnished rooms. www.hotely-krumlov.cz



Herní disk - zapůjčení zdarma,
vratná záloha 300,-/1ks

(vratný v den zapůjčení do 21:00h)

Herní denní poplatek - 30,- 1 osoba
(v ceně scóre karta a tužka)

Celoroční provoz 11:00 - 21:00h

(provozovatel si vyhrazuje právo na výjimky)

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Where to find us

Depo Pub

Facility operated by hotels & restaurants Krumlov s.r.o., based at Salvátorská 931/8, 110 00 Praha 1 - Nové Město, Czech Republic. Company entered in the Commercial Register held at the City Court of Prague, File No. C 231857. ID No.03453057 | Tax ID No. CZ03453057



+420 380 602 442 bar
(for regular reservations)

+420 777 200 733
(for group reservations)


Latrán 74
Český Krumlov
381 01

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